Some basic requirements:

Ring Size: 400-600 Square feet for Ratter, Happy Ratter and Expert levels.  500-900 square feet for champion and extraordinaire.  May be any shape. The ring must be securely fenced at a 4 foot height.

Hunting Piles: Ratter and Happy Ratter, approximately 100 square feet of hunting piles, separate or in a line or circle.  Expert and above levels 100 square feet or more.

Rat Containers: must be secure containers that will not open or break by any person and/or dog handling or mishandling!  All containers must look the same.  All containers must have sufficient air flow fore breathability and temperature control.

Hosting a Trial

Please check the calendar before applying for a trial.  Trials will not be allowed less than 150 miles from each other on the same day.  Please use thehosting inquiry form, if trial is accepted, you will be paypal invoiced for the application fee.


  • Trial application fee $25.00 per trial
  • Trial run fees $1.00 per run up to 199 runs.
  • $ 1.50 per run 200+ runs

Approved Judge Fee:

  • $2.00/run, mileage, meals, and overnight stay fees (if needed).
  • Judge’s gift from the host club are nice to offer.

Host club provides:

  • Site with appropriate fencing
  • rats and containers
  • trial secretary paperwork
  • 2 stopwatches
  • Hunting Material
    • Clean boxes of all sizes
    • variety  of sizes of trash bags frilled with crumpled paper and/or clean boxes
    • item for bridges (see general rules)
    • Item for burrows (see general rules)
    • other suitable items include chairs, child toys, wagons, carts, etc.
    • Feel free to “think outside the box” as long as items are safe.
  • Clean up supplies
  • Ribbons, 1st – 4th place
  • New Title Rosettes
  • Qualifying ribbons (Green)
  • Metallic Qualifying ribbons (Rainbow)
  • and any special awards (fastest hunt, oldest dog, most improved..)

Rat Care

  • Rats must be in secure cages with water and food available in between working.
  • Area must not have extreme temperatures.
  • Rats should not be working more than approximately an hour at a time.


as of January 2018 these are the approved judges

  • Jean MacKenzie – Auburn NH
  • Brian Warner – Londonderry NH (Fla winter)
  • Nancy Large – WIlmot NH
  • Dede MacLeod – Hookset NH
  • Marilyn Warner – Londonderry NH (Fla winter)
  • Andrea Rogers – Lee, NH
  • Barb Burri – Plaistow NH

Approved Hosts:

Tova Training, Raymond NH Jean ( or Barb (
Lakes Region Kennel Club, Meredith, NH Nancy Large (